① Greetings from the chairman


This is Miki Ogura, who was appointed as the president of the Kyushu Orthodontic Society in April 2021.

The Kyushu Orthodontic Society was established in 2005 and has contributed to the advancement and dissemination of orthodontics in Kyushu, the development of science, and the improvement of oral hygiene for residents. It is an orthodontic academic organization consisting of more than 550 members, consisting of branches consisting of 8 prefectures in Kyushu and 5 universities in the Kyushu area.

For the development of orthodontics, the Society will (1) hold academic conferences, (2) publish publications such as journals, (3) conduct research and research, (4) encourage research and commend research achievements. , (5) Contact and cooperation with related academic societies, (6) Promotion of international research cooperation, (7) Implementation of projects for medical care and society.

Due to the Korona-ka from last year, the academic conference of last year was forced to be canceled at this society. Including these issues, there are many issues that need to be considered in order to continue running the academic society.

All the officers will do their utmost to further advance and develop orthodontics and orthodontics, and we ask for your continued understanding and cooperation. increase.

President of Kyushu Orthodontic Society

Miki Ogura